Thursday, May 21, 2015

Destination: Dark Orange - A Short Story - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Sunken Knight

                Peace was in charge, and it was the last thing he wanted to be. He was fine being the violent one, fine being the enforcer, but if he had a choice between leading and letting someone else lead he would give it out without a second thought. He didn’t have that choice right now though, and so he led Stout and Recruit to the sixteenth floor and down an unsurprisingly quiet hall. They had guessed right when they figured an ambush was lying in wait on the floor below, and with the plan, they came up with. It looked likely that they were going to escape. This wasn’t going to be a suicide missions after all, and although he had come to terms with the possibility of dying, he was happy to know he’d live to see another day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Designation: Dark Orange - A Short Story

Chapter 1: The Objective

`               In the distance of New York City, an anomaly stood highlighted against the night sky. A white tower stood as a reminder of a less dire time, and a chance to return things to how they used to be. Standing at its entrance was a man in dark clothes, who cursed his beating heart. This wasn’t his first time on the battlefield, and yet he couldn’t chase his hesitation away. Behind him, three others in black stood and they saw nothing of his anxiety, he knew that these three – these kids – only saw success with his guidance, because he was Judge and no one knew better than he did. With a flash of a few hand signals, they threw open the large tower doors, and sent a flash bang rolling in. The pop came, and the four rushed, letting their bullets dance through the room without a second thought. A second was all one needed to make a mistake, and for a minute they fired, clenching the triggers tight as bodies fell against the floor. Judge raised a hand up and they stopped, and without surveying their carnage, they moved forward, because this wasn’t a delicate operation.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kourin Ni Tensai Chapter 22: Contradictory

Chapter 22: Contradictory

                Masaru could say that he had seen a lot of strange things since he first fought Hashiba that fateful night. He had learned new and strange things about the world and his girlfriend, and had seen the mysteries the cold winter nights could bring. After so many wonders, he didn’t imagine there was something that could still surprise him, but as he arrived at the shrine one sunny day, and saw Rin and Asano chatting as if they were longtime friends, he was afraid to imagine what would surprise him next.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Kourin Ni Tensai Chapter 21: Upon The Crossed Path

Chapter 21: Upon the Crossed Path

                The rain could certainly wash away a lot of things, but the mood in the shrine was one thing that was going to stay. After Kouta’s reveal, no one wanted to be involved in the affair anymore, Reiko and Junichi who had only the slightest connection to Masaru’s plea set befuddled on the outskirts, and Rin who had dedicated her life to protecting his, wouldn’t allow him to approach the Prospect Agents. It was a particularly problematic static that turned the cogs of the clock and made its tick echo, informing Ushio that it was only a matter of time till time ran out.  It was a tormenting click that broke the constant splashing of the rain, and made him look from one side of the garden to the house he couldn’t bring himself to enter.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tengoku Senshi Chapter 35: This Foreboding Feeling

Chapter 35: This Foreboding Feeling

                As Takeshi pushed opened the door, he found it falling to a worn out floor where it coughed up dust. Stepping over the fragile thing, he entered the house with a flood of light and as the hardwood crumbled like twigs under his feet, he realized exploring the second floor wouldn’t be an option.  Instead, he could only follow a trail of empty bottles as it led him through a curtain of webs, and into a once extravagant room. He was sure there had been valuables here at a time; a vase that sat atop a pedestal in the corner, and a line of plates above the fireplace, but all there was now was a raggedy couch and tattered rug, and pieces of the ceiling that had joined them as time passed. Following the room brought him to a dining room through an arch, and made him pinch his brow as he interrupted a macabre feast.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nuut Wereld Chapter 35: The Power of Knowledge

Chapter 35: The Power of Knowledge

                A  mechanical rhythm played under their feet, as the train chugged down the tracks. Their meeting with Leeu was only moments away now, and Kiara could barely sit still as she tried to put the final pieces of the puzzle together. He was a man with an impactful name, a man whose loved ones were always in danger, and the only thing she really knew for sure was that he was a man with knowledge, and that was the piece that plagued her the most. What was the weight of knowledge in a world of magic? She could say that Danson and the others knew more about it than her, and were far better at using it, but she wondered if the connection was that direct. If it was, was Leeu a person who could shred armies, and if it wasn’t, was he dangerous because he could teach it to people like Tsuki? It wasn’t until they boarded the train that Kiara began to think about how dangerous it was for Tsuki to know magic. With her bare hands, she had managed to take Keigo in a fight, and that made Kiara wonder just how much stronger, Tsuki could be.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tengoku Senshi Chapter 34: The Visage of Something Come and Gone

Chapter 34: The Visage of Something Come and Gone
                Things were off to a good start. That was what Sakuya thought after Zuku’s word, but now that they moved with only a vague clue as to where to go, she realized things weren’t looking so good. She could at least say she and the others were prepared for the upcoming fights, but she couldn’t imagine that mattered when time was of the essence. Like a flash of light, their advantage in the mission had disappeared and as Zuku led them blindly on the witch’s trail, she wondered if they should even stay. Sure, they had helped him thus far, and she had very few reasons to turn away, but as they walked in silence to a destination unknown, she realized she had few reasons to stay as well. This was a time central mission that had to be completed before things went belly up, but the same could be said about the mission to obtain Aughus’s sword. Silently she weighed the missions to determine what was more important, and as she realized the Town Stealer was a bigger threat she wondered how big a threat the witch was. As she followed behind the red-eyed youth, she wondered how much he could tell her if she raised the question. She was ready to find the answer to her wonder, as she pursed her lips, but found herself speechless as a ruin came into sight.